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3 Habits of Empathetic Leaders

Have you ever been accused of not being empathetic? Empathy is often misunderstood in the workplace, especially when it comes to empathetic leadership.

The E Suite describes empathy as...

"the ability to understand and relate to an individual's emotional state, motivations, and needs while reserving judgment and remaining neutral."

Many of us see empathy as an emotional style, the happy girl, the reserved listener, the jolly old guy with the stories. Frequently, colleagues who are quieter, talk less, and smile a lot are more likely to be seen as empathetic. 

When it comes to leadership positions, the standards are even more demanding. Recall that definition? There is no reference to a personality or style. It's about objectivity. 

Empathetic leaders share some common habits...

  • They are objective.
  • Empathetic leaders set aside ego. 
  • Practice the discipline not to pass judgment prematurely. 

This kind of leader listens actively and seeks to understand, generating high-performing teams and developing happier workers.