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Happy Mothers Day

On this Friday before Mother's Day I want to welcome back to the “paid workforce” my wife, Jo.

For 14 years she has had the hardest job I know, an on-purpose, full-time, Chief Executive Mom. This week she accepted a paid job offer to start in July.

Mom’ing doesn’t stop, but our season is shifting and the opportunity is there. I am so excited to see her seize it and use the many gifts she has.

As with most things, we don’t do them slow or halfway, so she’s going all in and will be leading a team of 5 or 6.

The last 14 years haven't always been the easiest. It isn't all that popular for a mom to stay home anymore. It means that sometimes a family has to forgo some financial benefits or work a little harder so she can be there.

This wasn't ever my decision, it's what she always wanted since before we were even married. Together we can look back and say we wouldn't change a minute of it. Not for a bigger house, a nicer car, a bigger 401k....there's nothing that could replace her presence with our kids.

I’m so grateful for the blessing she is to me, the sacrifices, her commitment to our family as our collective #1 priority, and her joy.

Cheers moms, whether paid or unpaid, you are appreciated and loved.