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When Mediocrity Wins

Mediocrity has become the currency of the modern-day marketer. 

With the widespread availability of AI platforms, automation of everything, and the endless availability of no-code and low-code platforms, the hard skills of marketers are giving ground to automated creativity. 

Get ready...this post isn't going to be easy to read for some. 

There is an increasing number of low-skill, low-effort "professionals" masquerading as marketeers in our new corporate world. We joke about the "buzzword bingo" and the "word salad". These fakes are cashing in by delivering mediocre marketing.

Many of us still value genuine creative challenges, risk, competition, aggressive wrestling over ideas, and diving deep into the difficult work of aligning our product with the market. 

We need to fortify these critical foundations of marketing and teach them to up-and-coming marketers. 

The new tools have their place and if used well to supplement hard work, they can advance efficiency and volume of output. 

But our reality is they will never replace the ingenuity of the human mind, the creative ambition of the artist, or the drive of the entrepreneur. 

So what do we do?

We need brutal honesty. If you know you are coming up short and worried that you can't keep up, be brave enough to speak up and ask for help. It's ok not to know, it's not ok to fake it.

We need intentional coaches. The ones who have the experience can find someone to come alongside, mentor, and teach. Stop sitting on the sidelines complaining.

We need to renew our work ethic. Do the hard work to learn the skills needed, and you will find yourself beating your competition.

We need real diversity. No more platitudes, and fake diversity programs. We need actual, real diversity of thought and ideologies to sharpen our output.

We need to unleash creativity. "Work without fear | Try new things" is the motto of my work team. Give yourself the freedom to take a risk on a wild idea. 

We need to resist mediocrity.