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"Adam is a 'leader of leaders.' He thinks strategically in all areas of his skills and business acumen. Adam will immediately identify areas within an organization that need to be addressed and develop the strategies to correct them all the while bringing the organization along in a unified manner. Adam brings creativity balanced with organizational structure and an eye to detail. I would strongly recommend Adam as a valued team member to any organization. "

Dennis R., Executive Leader and Musician

"Adam is a key asset to this industry! His knowledge and expertise in marketing communications and social media, and his ability to deliver content in a way that is both engaging and informative, have been a pleasure to work with!"

Kelly B., Sr Business Development Mgr

"Adam was everything you want in a client. He was kind, polite, organized, and he knew what he wanted which made the entire process a breeze. While I was in Texas I felt as if I had known Adam and the other staff for years. It was truly one of the most pleasurable work experiences I've had on a commissioned job."

Brandon C., Photographer

"His skills range from detailed planning and execution of the go-to-market roll-out for each new optical sensor integrated circuit to his demonstrated excellence in modeling and analysis of our sales and market trends. Furthermore, he is undaunted in the face of new tasks or challenges. He showed no hesitation or concern in learning new technologies associated with our fairly complicated products.

Adam is a rare find and an enjoyable team player."

Mike L, Sr Director of Product, Semiconductors

"Adam sets himself apart from the pack. He gets marketing both from the analytical side and the human side, and he's a consummate professional. When launching, Adam was one of the first people I reached out to in the industry for feedback. That feedback has served us very well. "

Crawford C., Publisher and Editor